Block B’s "New Kids on the Block" Mini-Album Concept Photos Revealed

The boys of Block B sure have been creating a lot of buzz lately! Between the group’s pre-debut training methods, their title track being rated 19+, the group’s upcoming mini-album, and their reality shows as they continue to gain in popularity. If you haven’t heard about these talented rookies, then you’ve quite possibly been living under a rock!

A few days ago the teaser video for their track “Halo” off of their forthcoming album had been released. Be sure to check out this raw hip-hop teaser if you weren’t able to already — it is one you don’t want to miss. It sure is great to have true hip-hop back in the Korea’s popular music spotlight!

After news has been spreading regarding Block B’s latest album, “New Kids on the Block”, revealing the cover and track list, it was only a matter of time until some concept photos were released to the public. With a little over three days to go until the release, feel free to enjoy the photos!


Personally, I was a bit surprised at seeing the photos as they were different compared to the hip-hop, street vibe of the teaser song and video of their previous concept. It seems as though it is a new direction, and I’m not sure if it completely fit. After seeing the “Halo” teaser video and the concept photos, how are you feeling about the approaching release of the mini-album as well as the group’s comeback? 

Source: Brand New Stardom