2PM Releases Second Full Album "Hands Up"

The long-awaited return of 2PM came on June 20th as they revealed their new album “Hands Up” through various online sites. The second full album of 2PM, “Hands Up” includes tracks with brighter tunes and stronger beats, while keeping 2PM’s distinct style, as some already say it’s an upgraded version of their previous megahit single, “10 Points Out of 10.”

Their title track “Hands Up” is 2PM’s first “club track,” according to JYP Entertainment. The strong electronic beat and powerful base, combined with the repeating melody will give you an addicting sound. It embodies 2PM’s “animal-idol” personality and their beastly image, and the surprising narration by Wonder Girls’ Sohee adds a different taste to the overall tone.

In particular, this album comes with self-composed tracks by Junho and Junsu. Junho’s “Give It to Me” is a rhythmical yet soft track, while Junsu’s “Hot” is a more direct and powerful song.

2PM will mark its official comeback through KBS “Music Bank” on June 24th.