“City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho is Photoshop’s Latest Victim(?)!

City Hunter” has definitely exceeded expectations and caught its viewers in a craze with its thrilling action scenes, as well as romantic developments between its characters. On the drama’s official homepage, netizens have been actively talking among themselves about everything related to the drama and its actors. Recently, dedicated fans humored viewers with photoshopped photos of Lee Min Ho and other casts. As the city hunter, Lee Min Ho has his share of fight scenes, as well as running scenes. One fan edited a photo of Lee Min Ho running from episode 3 into several hilarious photos. He’s seen participating in a marathon, competing against three time World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt of Jamaica, and running from two dogs. Addtitionally, they uploaded edited photos of Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) and his family, including his surrogate father Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong), biological father Park Moo Yeol (Park Sang Min), and confidant Baek Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho).