Baek Ji Young "Younger Female Singers Are Afraid of Me"

Baek Ji Young confessed that younger female singers (In Korean younger singers of the same occupation or even underclassmen are called “hoobae.”) are afraid of her. The June 20th episode of MBC’s “Come to Play” featured Kang Bu Ja, Hong Seo Bum, Kim Il Woo, and Baek Ji Young for the special which was titled “Dogs are my destiny.”

In the broadcasted episode each guest had to pick a certain specialty. Baek Ji Young said that hers was, “Pressing down the Chi of Female Hoobaes.” Baek Ji Young explained that she does this unconsciously.

Baek Ji Young was put on the spot, and she demonstrated what she does differently when meeting male hoobaes and female hoobaes.

The day of filming, Baek Ji Young brought along her dog “Bboya.” Baek Ji Young currently has five dogs and she is planning to move into a house in order to live with all of her dogs. This episode focused on the subject of dogs and different episodes and happenings regarding raising dogs as pets.