Kim Hyun Joong Can Drink 4 Bottles of Soju

Kim Hyun Joong appeared on the June 17th episode of SBS Power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” and admitted that he can drink up to 4 bottles of soju before becoming completely intoxicated. (In South Korea, the average male will drink roughly about 1~2 bottles of soju before becoming completely inebriated.)

DJ Park So Hyun asked Kim Hyun Joong, “What misconceptions exist about Kim Hyun Joong?”

Kim Hyun Joong answered, “Usually when I am drinking people assume that I drink wine or beer. However I don’t drink often but I can drink between three and a half to four bottles of Soju.”

He continued, “Idols are not allowed to talk about facial hair, first loves, alcohol, and smoking. However seeing that I talk about such things so comfortably, I am not an idol anymore.”

Kim Hyun Joong recently released his first solo album “Break Down” and on different charts he is #1.

Source: NEWSEN