BoA Will Fall in Love in Hollywood?

While BoA is wrapping up her COBU 3D filming, her fans are already trying to set her up on blind dates. Maybe a better way to state it is….they are forseeing her future. The fortune tellers in the Twittersphere were out and about this weekend. One expert in particular used their imagination experience to tell BoA about her love life.

Check out the following tweet to a fan and her retweet below: 
“This is funny!! @BoA_1105 will u fall in love with a hot n sexy actor while in Hollywood…?? Hahaha~~~”


The tweet was all in fun, but could there be a possibly that BoA may fall in love in Hollywood? She has already sniffed and told with actor Rich Ting. Will she kiss and tell too? 

Credits: @BoA_1105 and @therlynn