Will Big Bang’s Daesung be in Attendance for LG’s Big Mini Concert?

Big Bang is no stranger to having a connection with Korean electronics company LG as they have endorsed the brand many times in the past. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have been invited to perform on June 25th at the LG Optimus Big Mini Concert. The concert is to be held at the Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul and Big Bang is the headliner — with the word “Big” in the title, could you expect anyone else? The slogan for the concert they are advertising is, “Join LG Optimus’ Big event!” After the recent unfortunate event, with Big Bang on the billing it brings the question whether Daesung will be joining his fellow groupmates for this performance to the public’s attention.

As for Daesung, a statement was made by the concert’s organizer on the 20th regarding the matter, to which he said, “We still have not yet received the definitive answer from Daesung’s company that whether he will appear in the show or not. From the position of the organizer, it is difficult for him to take part in the concert because the report is still not released. On the other hand, we are still waiting for the answer from his company.”

It certainly is a difficult situation to be in. Perhaps it may be best if Daesung were to sit out this performance, as it still may be too soon. Though for himself and the fans it would be great to see him out, going about his daily life, and smiling again. Please cheer up soon Daesung, we all miss you, your cheerful face, and bright shining attitude.

Should or shouldn’t Daesung be in attendance for this show? What’s your take on the matter?

Source: Nate
Translation: Rice@bigbangupdates