New Albums and Singles Preview - 2011 June Week 3

2PM Vol. 2 – Hands Up (released)

01 Hands Up
02 Electricity
03 Give It To Me
04 Like the Movies
05 You Don’t Know?
06 Hot
07 Without U
08 I’ll Be Back
09 I Can’t
10 Hands Up (East4A Mix)
11 Electricity (22v Mix)
12 Thank You
13 Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

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2PM comes back edgier and more stylish than ever with their second full-length album, “Hands Up”. It is expected to be a hit this summer. There are songs composed by members Junho and Junsu, garnering that much more interests from fans. Are you guys ready to have fun this summer with 2PM?


8Eight mini-album Vol. 2 (released)

01 Block Those Lips
02 You Are Really Great
03 Songs Can Fix Sadness
04 U Make Me Feel Brand New
05 Dilemma

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8eight, who has been acknowledged of their skills through hit songs such as “Don’t Have a Heart” and “Breakup Is Coming”, has returned with a new mini-album titled, “8eight”. The members produced this album themselves in order to show their growth as musicians. The title track this time around is “Block Those Lips,” a rhythmical number composed by Park Sun Ju and penned by Kim Ina. 8eight’s Lee Hyun tries out a new vocal style, while Joo Hee perfects the climatic part of the song and Baek Chan masters both rap and vocals. Also in this album is Baek Chan’s solo track, “You Are Really Great”, a jazz infused number composed by the artist himself.


Rainbow mini-album Vol. 2 (repack) (released)

01 Sweet Dream
02 Kiss (Acoustic Ver.)
03 To Me
04 To Me (Club Ver.)
05 Sweet Dream (Inst)

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Rainbow returns with a comeback with its repackaged second mini-album, “Sweet Dream” this summer.  This seven-member girl group has shown its charms through hit song, “To Me” and continues with “Sweet Dream”. The song was composed by Japan’s hit composer DAISHI DANCE, AIP, and Park Seh Hyun, who have worked together to produce a sweet yet exciting pop dance number. Also in this album is an acoustic version of “Kiss” a song previously included in the “Gossip Girl” album.


M To M – Antique Voice: Not Okay (released)

01 Not Okay
02 Crazy
03 This Kind of Trash-like Thing…
04 Spring Day
05 Perfect Your Love (OST Ver)
06 Going (OST Ver)
07 Crazy (INST)
08 This Kind of Trash-like Thing… (INST)
09 Spring Day (INST)
10 Not Okay( INST)

M to M, who have secured their spots in the music industry with hit song, “This Kind of Trash-like Thing” returns with a repackaged album and a new song, “Not Okay”. This pop ballad once again brings forth the members’ vocals as well as the various instruments – bass, piano, and drums – that bring out the beautiful melody line of the song.


Son Ho Young (single) – Donate My Birthday (released)

01 Donate My Birthday
02 Donate My Birthday (INST)

Son Ho Young, who is recently part of UNICEF Korea’s “Donate My Birthday” campaign releases a song of the same title to help aid this good cause. Those who are interested in donating their birthday presents to the less fortunate can do so via the campaign’s website. Other ambassadors of UNICEF such as actor An Sung Ki, announcer Son Bum Soo, actress Lee Bo Young, 2PM Wonder Girls, Yoo Seung Ho, Song Joong Ki, and John Park are expected to participate in this good cause as well.


December (single) – Tears (released)

01 Goodbye
02 Goodbye (Inst)

December remakes KCM’s hit classic, “Goodbye” this summer as the first part of their remake project series. December definitely bring justice to this song while at the same time adding their own color to the song. Fans both in and outside Korea are expected to receive this song well.

Other Releases:
Lee Ji Young (Big Mama) – Vol. 1 Something New (released)
Serengeti – Vol. 3 Colors of Love (released)
Huckleberry Finn – Vol. 5 Black Tiger (released)
015B – 20th Century Boy (June 22)
Freeq – Mini-Album 2: The Afterparty (June 23)
Coffee Boy – First Music Roasting (June 23)
Block B – Mini-Album 1: New Kids on the Block (June 23)
Sun – Vol. 1 Not Okay At All (June 23)
Navizam – Navizam (June 23)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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