Lee Byung Hun First Asian Male Celebrity to Model for Famed "Studio Harcourt"

Lee Byung Hun became the first Asian male celebrity to model for the prestigious Studio Harcourt in Paris. Exemplifying Harcourt’s distinctive style and lighting, Lee Byung Hun showed off his glamorous, retro-style look through this portrait photo shoot.

“Lee Byung Hun, who’s widely popular in Asia and Hollywood, is someone that perfectly fits the high standards of Studio Harcourt, so we had no question in recommending him as the first Asian male celebrity to take a photo shoot here. Fortunately, he was in Paris at the moment so we were able to arrange for something quickly,” an official from the photo spread told local media.

Founded in 1934 by the Lacroix brothers in Paris, Studio Harcourt is widely considered one of the most celebrated photos studios in the world. They are best-known for the black-and-white photographs of movie stars and celebrities, as it used to be known in France that “without having one’s photo taken at Harcourt, you wouldn’t qualify as a true actor.” Other notable celebrities to have their photos taken at the Harcourt include Jessica Alba and Sophie Marceau.

Lee Byun Hyun, meanwhile, is scheduled to fly to the U.S. soon to shoot for his upcoming film, “G.I. Joe 2.”