City Hunter Episode 9 Preview

Here is the basic translation for what is being said:
Yoon Sung is Lee Min Ho’s character. JP is the father of Yoon Sung. 

Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho): Don’t meddle with the people I consider important, I am going to protect them

JP: Even if you say you will go to war with me…


Nana’s (Park Min Young) Bodyguard Supervisor: How could a bodyguard lose his/her gun! Write your resignation and stay at home!

Yoon Sung: Resignation? This is what I learned from Kim Nana


JP: What? Kim Young Joo (YJ) is the son of one of the Group of Five?


JP: What the hell are you!/ What the hell has gotten into you!

Yoon Sung: I don’t want to make any other people like me!

JP: If you oppose me there will only be punishment.


Yoon Sung: I cannot love, is that my destiny? 

So, what we learn from the preview is that Nana probably survived but now the conflict between JP and Yoon Sung is growing. JP has now also figured out about YJ’s parentage! Now I’m all the more excited for the next episode of City Hunter!

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