SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Decorates Front Page of Indonesian Newspaper

On June 18th, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun was in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the “Fantastic KPOP Festival,” along with 2AM, miss A, San-E, Lee Hyun of 8eight, and JOO. On the following day, Indonesian newspaper, the “Sunday Post” wrote an article about the stellar performances and placed a large photo of Kim Hyung Jun on its front page.

A representative of the production company behind the concert in Indonesia stated, “Kim Hyung Jun is tremendously popular in Indonesia. Despite other kpop artists present, the fact that Kim Hyung Jun’s photo made it to the front page of the local media is proof of his explosive popularity.” A representative of S Plus Entertainment announced, “Kim Hyung Jun has a lot of fans in Indonesia. We repeatedly get love calls for concerts.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun is busy preparing for his concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan, held on July 17th and 24th respectively.