IU and Choi In Hwa: Who Will Be Eliminated On Kiss and Cry?

IU posted a picture of her with her partner the skating coach Choi In Hwa via metoday. The picture was significant because the picture was before the broadcast of SBS’ “Kiss and Cry” where the first elimination will occur.

On June 21st at 3pm IU wrote on her metoday “Today is an important show because there will be the first round of eliminations for Kiss and Cry!” “It might be the final day for me, I had fun practicing! I’ll try my best! IU and Choi In Hwa Fighting!” This message accompanied her photo.

The picture features IU and her partner Choi In Hwa. The two are putting their heads together and looking at the camera.

Fans of IU have wrote, “I hope this isn’t your last performance,” “Noona you will do well.”

On June 19th, for “Kiss and Cry” the first round of competitions had occurred, amongst the competitors IU was number 9 out of 10.

Source: Star News