Daesung Most Likely Won't Face Imprisonment for Accident, Experts Say

As we all, fans, the public, media, and those involved, await the results of the autopsy this might shed some light on things and bring calm.

Many are worried about Daesung and rightfully so.  What will help matters of course is knowing the truth.  For now, it may help to know what sort of fate he may face for the accident, which it is certainly clear that is exactly what it was an accident.  One legal expert explained, “Unintentional accident is likely to end up in probation or paying a fine.”

Another legal expert’s take on the matter was this, “He won’t be imprisoned even in the worst case scenario.”  Even if Daesung is found to have caused the death of Mr. Hyun because of the crash, he will be accused of accidental homicide.  Which most likely the penalty for an accidental homicide will entail two years of imprisonment without forced labor or a fine of $7,000, most likely the latter in this case.  On June 19th Daesung was accused of killing the motorcyclist because reports claimed that the operator was still alive before his encounter with Daesung.  Later those reports were shown to be false as the Police attempted to clear things up for the time being with a statement saying, “The National Institute of Scientific Investigation still did not state its official position yet.”

When asked a third legal expert further defended Daesung by saying, “In this case there is no ‘intention to kill’ whatsoever.  Moreover, the results of the sobriety test showed that he wasn’t drunk either, it was just an accident.  Of course he is responsible for not being too careful, but looking at the previous precedent, it is unlikely to be imprisoned.”

It clearly is a very sticky situation, on many levels, as it is very difficult for the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to pinpoint exactly how Mr. Hyun died as well as when.  If the NSI is unable to figure out this information in turn it will be harder to accuse Daesung of accidental homicide.  As a police officer further verifies this stance, “The autopsy results usually take about half a month for the NSI, but in this instance, it’s taking almost a month.  It is that hard to find out when and how someone died.  If there is any doubt about the time and cause of the death, it will be hard to accuse Daesung for accidental homicide.”

Originally the CCTV seemed to be an important factor when in actuality it has been proven to be little or no help.  The film that was captured that night via CCTV lacks crucial evidence for figuring out the exact cause and time of death.  The police are saying, at this point in time, it is tough to say for sure that Daesung did in fact cause the victims death.

It has been nearly a week from when the official statement regarding the incident was to be released and still there are delays.  Those who are in charge of the investigation explained about the delay, “The result of the autopsy of Mr. Hyun has still not reached the station which is expected to come today.  The concrete announcement has not yet been finalized according to the scheduled time but it is expected to come out, at the latest, this Friday.  After receiving the report, the police will then hold a briefing to announce the comprehensive results.”

Here’s hoping that all works out in Daesung’s favor.  The autopsy results are scheduled to be released in the form of a briefing this Friday June 24th after being delayed for a week due to the difficult situation and lack of evidence.

Source: hankooki and Star News
Translation: hannacha3217@en.korea.com and Rice@bigbangupdates


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