F.T. Island to Perform with Lee Hong Ki on "Immortal Song 2"

F.T. Island‘s lead vocalist Lee Hong Ki recently went on stage with his fellow group members for “Immortal Song 2.” At the most recent recording, contestants were supposed to re-interpret Min Hye Kyung‘s songs. In it, Lee Hong Ki chose to break away from the typical performance and chose to have all of his group members perform with him even though “Immortal Song 2” does provide its contestants with its own band. Kwon Jae Young PD stated, “F.T. Island performed for Lee Hong Ki. F.T. Island’s members wanted to play for their main vocalist themselves, and decided to make special appearances. The response of the audience was also very good.”

Also, starting on the 20th, including Lee Hong Ki, 2PM’s Junsu and MBLAQ’s G.O. joined the cast. In addition, in this episode, Min Hye Kyung praised Junsu and said that he “had a very unique voice color.” G.O. also received much praise from the audience for his performance with a tinge of (what seems to have been) dance. Kwon PD said, “The initial contestants put much thought into their performances to differentiate themselves from the new members, and the new members kept each other in check and created a fresh new atmosphere.”

On the fourth episode of “Immortal Song 2” to be aired on the 25th, G.O., Hong Ki, Junsu, 2AM’s Changmin, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and Secret’s Song Jieun will be battling it out with the challenge “1992’s [Gayo Top Ten] #1 Songs,” performing six hit songs of 1992. The episode explained above will be aired as the fifth episode.

Source: Naver