Won Bin and Shin Min Ah: Four Years of Kissing!

A-list actors Won Bin (“Ajusshi” and “Autumn in My Heart“) and Shin Min Ah (“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho“)have been endorsing “MAXIM T.O.P.” coffee and melting the viewers’ hearts with cheesy, yet romantic CFs since 2008. They returned to the advertising industry with yet another dreamy CF. The two pose as a couple enjoying a romantic date under the starry sky, watching shooting stars and enjoying the city lights. Shin Min Ah comments, “Whenever someone thinks about another person, a star falls from the sky.” Won Bin responds, “That doesn’t make sense. If that were the case, there would be no more stars in the sky whenever I think of you.”

The two actors improvised at the end of the CF where Won Bin adds, “Stop thinking about me~ The stars are still falling. Do you like me that much?” to which Shin Min Ah laughs sheepishly. Won Bin and Shin Min Ah have been the face for “MAXIM T.O.P.” for four years, and their chemistry together is perfect enough to make anyone drool.

Check out some of their romantic “MAXIM T.O.P.” CFs over the past four years!

And their latest CF (Shooting Stars):