Nickhun, Sohee, and Min: Birthday Charity



One June 22nd, 2PM’s Nickhun, Wonder Girls Sohee, and Miss A’s Min joined a Unicef Birthday Campaign (Here is the link for a link about the article with Min and Unicef) as their birthdays are in June. The campaign is to give birthday gifts sent to celebrities to children in need. These birthday gifts are objects that are desperately needed by many children, such as vaccines etc.

Nickhun said that he wants a bicycle and motorcycle, Min wants nutritional therapeutic milk, Sohee wants combined nutrients for birthday presents.

In order to buy these birthday gifts you can go into the website and click on the gifts that Nickhun has chosen. When aid gifts are chosen they are then sent to the children in need.

There are many celebrities that are contributing for this charity campaign including, Ahn Sung Ki, Son Bum Soo, Lee Bo Young, Son Ho Young, Yoo Seung Ho, 2PM, Kim Bum, and the Wonder Girls.

Source: Star News