Korean Celeb Murdered by Ex-Boyfriend

On June 19th, girl trot group Iris’s Lee Eun Mi (24) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. The Kyeonggi Shi Heung Police stated that the singer was stabbed several times around her neck by ex-boyfriend Mr. Cho (28) near 2:15AM KST on her way home. Reportedly, Lee Eun Mi recently broke up with Mr. Cho. According to Mr. Cho, the two were in a serious relationship and were even considering marriage. He lost his ability to act rationally and committed murder.

Mr. Cho is currently in police custody. On Sunday, Lee’s sister wrote, “Today (June 19th) my sister went to heaven. I still can’t believe it. Please pray for her as she rests in peace” on Lee Eun Mi’s Cyworld mini homepage.

Lee Eun Mi debuted in 2005 with the single “Message Of Love” and was part of Iris as their main vocalist.