Kim Hyun Joong Becomes Highest Selling Solo Artist This Year

Kim Hyun Joong has become the highest selling solo artist this year by selling over 100,000 copies of his latest album, “Break Down.” According to Hanteo, Korea’s largest record sales chart, “Break Down” sold 80,000 records in the first two weeks of its release, and an additional 20,000 so far, reaching the 100,000 milestone just today. Aside from DBSK and Big Bang, no other K-Pop artist has sold more than 100,000 albums this year.

“Kim Hyun Joong has been able to overcome the pressures of turning solo and bring in a positive impact to the K-Pop industry,” an industry official was quoted as saying by local media.

Breaking the 100K mark in album sales is almost considered a landmark event in today’s music market, especially considering the drastic decline in overall music sales. Despite such dire circumstances, Kim Hyun Joong has created a something called the “Kim Hyun Joong Syndrome,” keeping up high sales figures and sensational popularity since the album’s release on June 8th. “Break Down” has topped various online and TV show charts, and many expect the album sales figures to continue increasing as Kim Hyun Joong is planning a nine-country Asian Tour in August.