Henry Lau Reveals The Identity Of His Best Friend

With almost 300,000 followers, Henry Lau has finally mastered the art of Twitter. The popular singer and longtime SM trainee knows all there is to know about the entertainment business, however, the Twittersphere was a little tricky. After he avoided the video camera and finally remembered to just use the other button to take pictures, it has been smooth sailing for him. He got so comfortable online he shared a photo of him and his best friend…..Rover!

Check out the image and caption below:

“Chillin with ma best friend!! Goodnight everyone!!”

Yes, his closest friend in the entire world is not his family, co-workers, or even his fellow Super Junior M members. His best buddy is his dog! While his bandmates continue filming Taiwanese dramas [Extravagant Challenge], and his group as a whole performs at large Chinese venues promoting “Perfection” he can share all of his juicy gossip with his main pooch! What do you think of Henry’s friend?

Credit: @henrylau89