Jay Park Working on a New Song

The Sidus HQ talent has turned his air conditioner on full blast and his mind on creativity. This weekend, Jay Park boasted/tweeted about his “chilling” in front of the air condtioner, but who knew he was cooling his mind as well. After contacting artist Mina Kwon, he is ready to start writing the guts of his new album…or shall I say the songs.

Check out his tweets below: 

“@MinaKwon look forward to working with you! you drawings are so good~…..trying to write a song but can’t think of the title…got the title! haha this ones a HIT!…2 songs done!!!! whoo wee just need the rap featuring for one of em step 1 to finishing the single only like 10 more steps to go haha”

There hasn’t been any news about the debut of his American movie “Hype Nation” yet, but the K-Pop star is not letting that keep him down. He is getting down to business to produce another hit like hisTake A Deeper Look album. Now that Jay is preparing a new project, are you anticipating its release?