Block B Releases "Tell Your Friends" MV and "New Kids on the Block" Mini Album

Guess who’s finally back? The answer to that question would be Cho PD’s boys, Block B! The group’s new music video for their single was released today in conjunction with their mini album being available for digital download. The music video is for their title track “Tell Your Friends” and it is a powerful dance, pop, hip-hop fusion track with a summer vibe. The track is perfect for this time of year and it definitely will be played more than once. (Oh much, much more…believe me.) They may still be new to the scene, but they won’t be known as rookies for much longer at the rate they’re going.

Also a wider audience can enjoy Block B’s “New Kids on the Block” album as the lyrics on their previous track, “Freeze!” have been changed to be more acceptable (by the Youth Commission that is…). The following are the changes that were made. U-Kwon’s original line, translated, was this, “Send all of your friend’s home.” To which he now sings, “Hey baby, come closer to me. My eyes are already watching you.” Next we have Jaehyo’s line that was originally, “This night is waiting for you.” Which is now, “Hey baby, come to me and hold my hand. I’m waiting for you right here.” Lastly Kyung’s part, “I want you.” Has been modified and the current lyric is, “Because of you, my (mami, mami, mami).” Some could see these changes as over-kill and others necessary. A netizen replied, “It’s just because it’s Block B, if they rapped or sang ‘Happy Birthday’ it would come off as too edgy/ racy.” The bottom line is that now everyone is able to enjoy Block B. How do you feel about these changes? Were they necessary?

The mini will official hit store shelves tomorrow (June 24th). Are you getting your copy?

While you’re waiting or perhaps you need more coaxing (for the latter I can’t see why…) be sure to give “Tell Your Friends” a listen. And show Block B some love by purchasing the album.

Source: Brand New Stardom