"BEAST NIGHT VOL.1&2" in Tokyo

BEAST is gaining explosive popularity in Japan for certain; their second Japanese single “Bad Girl” released on June 15th has made them the first foreign boy group whose first and second singles both made it to Top 3 on Oricon music charts. Meanwhile, a special fan meeting event “BEAST NIGHT” is held at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo; four meetings in two days on the 22nd and 23rd, and the boys prepared different stage performances for total of 8,000 fans.

The members showed up on stage with white suits at “BEAST NIGHT VOL 1” yesterday, opened with the song “Special”, and hit up the crowds with their first Japanese single “Shock (Japanese Version)”. Leader Doojoon greeted fans and said, “I was worried if people would come today, thank you so much for coming.” Members talked about their childhood dreams, brought laughter to the house. The event last about 40 minutes and the boys also performed “Fiction” and their latest Japanese single “Bad Boy”.

On the same day, VOL.2 was held at 8pm when the boys showed up on stage with same outfits. They performed “On Rainy Days” instead of “Shock” this time. Each member talked about what they wanted to do on the day before the end of the world. Dongwoon’s answer of “play soccer” made everyone laugh. When the topic turned to “what kind of surprise event would you prepare for your girlfriend”, the boys showed their romantic side. Yoseob wants to say “I love you” to his girlfriend on TV; Ki Kwang said he wants do a secret gesture only him and the girl knows on TV. 

There will be two more “BEAST NIGHT” today, the boys are definitely unstoppable in Japan. Their hit single “Fiction” has been chosen as the title song of movie “Shanghai”, the movie is set to hit theaters in Japan on August 20th, and a special version “Fiction Orchestra Version” will be featured in the OST.


Source: wowkorea.jp