CNBLUE Accused of Throwing Away Another Artist's Album

CNBLUE is currently under fire for allegedly disposing autographed albums of fellow artists. A netizen uploaded a photo of an album addresed to “CNBLUE Seniors” on an online portal site on the 21st under the title “CNBLUE thoughtlessly throws away fellow artists’ albums.” The artists, who will be referred to as A and B, are both famous enough that when given names, fans will recognize them. Artist B is being particularly noted because he/she debuted earlier than CNBLUE.


The netizen who uploaded the post wrote,“I picked it up in front of CNBLUE’s dorm last July or August. This was when CNBLUE was promoting their song LOVE.” The netizen added, “I was a bit startled, but I brought it with me. I should have taken a photo when it was in the trash heap, but at the time I was disoriented and forgot to.”

The majority of other netizens who came upon the post proceeded to flame CNBLUE with comments such as, “I’m very disappointed in CNBLUE” and “How could you throw away a fellow artist’s album so thoughtlessly? Don’t even think about saying excuses. If you think about how hurt that artist would be when he/she finds out, you shouldn’t be able to.”

Others defended CNBLUE and said, “I think it was fabricated” and “CNBLUE would never do that.”

To this, the fans of artists A said, “We have submitted all the evidence. Also, group A’s albums aren’t for sales, but for promotions.”

Still there were others who tried to hold the fort and said, “Their management has not come out with an official explanation yet. Let’s wait until their company comes forward first,” as well as, “When the incident is proven to be true, then let’s bash them. We can’t allow witch hunting anymore.”

FNC Music stated, “We saw the photo in question. That definitely is not an album that CNBLUE threw away. When CNBLUE receives a fellow artist’s album, they take it to their practice room and listen to it.” FNC then added, “There have been several instances of robbery by stalker fans at CNBLUE’s dorms. We are inferring that this was also stolen by stalker fans.” 

(“Stalker fans” aka sasaeng fans are fans who follow artists and breach into their personal lives.)

Also, CNBLUE fans were particularly upset about this because the debate over the photo quickly blazed to a wildfire on none other than Jung Yong Hwa‘s 23rd birthday.

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Source: Naver

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