“City Hunter” Releases Teaser Stills of Lee Min Ho on a Date!

SSD released teaser photos of Lee Min Ho and Goo Hara in tonight’s episode of “City Hunter.” As her tutor, Choi Da Hye (Goo Hara) drags Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) to tour college campuses. Da Hye interlocks her arms around Yoon Sung’s as they enjoy a “date” around the beautiful scenic campus.

The two filmed the scene last Sunday in Yangpyung, Kyeonggido, during one of the hottest days of this year. Despite the smoldering heat, Lee Min Ho filmed in character with a stylish grey blazer, and occasionally took it off to cool when the cameras were off. Goo Hara donned a cute outfit with a blue checkered miniskirt. She topped her fashion with a black ribbon in her hair to give off a more adorable look.

“City Hunter” is based on the popular Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa and is the manga’s first drama adaptation. Protagonist Lee Yoon Sung works in the Blue House National Communications Team to spy on the President and his advisors. His ultimate goal is to hunt down the “group of five” who were responsible for his biological father’s (Park Sang Min) unjust death. Meanwhile, Kim Nana (Park Min Young) has discovered Yoon Sung’s identity as the city hunter; and Yoon Sung is further torn between his duty to his mission, as well as his growing feelings towards Nana. “City Hunter” will air its tenth episode tonight on SBS at 9:55PM KST.