f(x)’s Amber to Ditch Androgynous Concept?

Recently, f(x) participated in the recording of fashion channel FashionN’s “Actress House.” During the recording, the girls talked about fashion and their individual styles. Well-known for her love for shopping, Sulli stated, “I like to shop freely, and I don’t really mind other people looking at me as I shop. “ Victoria randomly added, “I went shopping alone in Myeongdong without my manager before we left for Paris.”

Since her debut, Amber maintained her boyish image, but her womanly figure and feminine side have been gaining more interest in f(x)’s latest track “Hot Summer.” Their latest song exposed Amber in a more feminine light, and fans began noticing her slender legs. During the interview, Amber expressed, “I too wore ribbons and skirts in the past. I’m going with the boyish concept right now, but I may wear skirts in the future.” Krystal replied, “I want to cut my hair like Amber’s and try the androgynous look.”

f(x)’s episode of “Actress House” will air tomorrow, June 24th on FashionN at 11:00PM KST.