[Recap] City Hunter Episode 9

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Whew this episode wasn’t action-packed but the drama was intense! For me, each episode just gets better and better, juicy dialogue and the developing plot is making me come back for more! Of course, this is also being reflected by the ratings. We have a lot of ground to cover because like almost every City Hunter episode so far, this one is also jam-packed with so many things going on! Now, let’s move on to the recap!

Back to the cliffhanger with Yoon Sung holding on to Nana and blood dripping down his arm. Yoon Sung uses his other arm and pulls Nana up.

Once Nana is safe and the two both briefly puase, Nana asks Yoon Sung if he is the one that had saved her during the sniping incident. He doesn’t reply and runs off.

Target Number Two runs out while YJ is chasing him. The ex-police officer closes the revolving doors on YJ trapping him.

As Target Number Two runs into the garage to get away in a car. JP meets Target Number Two and beats him up using his cane. The cool thing was that the cane was actually a sword! (Haha props for that!)

YJ’s underling is asking what they should do and YJ tells that when they were fighting he put a GPS tracker on Yoon Sung.

In an abandoned storage facility somewhere JP and crew are interrogating/planning to execute Target Number Two. JP pulls out all the bullets except for one in his gun and plays a sort of Russian roulette asking Target Number Two about the people behind the “wipeout plan.” (He’s trying to figure out the other members of the Group of Five.)

Target Number Two says that he will tell them everything once they are in a safe place. As he hears that JP tells target Number Two that he is definitely trash for being willing to give up his comrades so easily. As JP keeps pulling the trigger on the gun, Target Number Two caves in and begins to tell JP a name, “Kim Jong Shik” (YJ’s father.)

YJ and a SWAT team are outside ready to go inside and raid them. Yoon Sung and the bald guy suddenly use a gas grenade to makes everyone go unconscious. (The two put on gas masks.)

As YJ comes in he notices that Yoon Sung has removed the tracking device. Yoon Sung calls YJ on the phone, “Come to the prosecutor’s office to pick up Target Number Two. Why did we bring Target Number Two into a storage facility?” “That’s for you to figure out.”

Amongst the leftover evidence is Yoon Sung’s clothes that smells like expensive cologne. YJ then asked his underling to go and figure out the name of the clothing and cologne. (The cologne of course is actually the shower gel Nana had used before.)

In front of the prosecutor’s office Target Number Two is dropped off. Another corrupt politician delivered with military tags as a clue!

JP wakes up and he asked the bald guy what he was doing back at his headquarters. The bald guy admits it was Yoon Sung’s doing. Furious, JP punches the bald guy.

When Yoon Sung is driving JP calls him and through “video chat/call,” JP begins to ask Yoon Sung what he thinks he’s doing, Yoon Sung asks JP to understand, that it was the best for both of them. JP then shows the beat up bald guy with the line, “If you disobey there is only punishment.”

Yoon Sung arrives at JP’s Headquarters and the ex-officer is trying to stop him. Yoon Sung beats the crap out of him.

The ex-officer rolls over towards JP. (He really should consider getting more muscle.)

JP tells Yoon Sung that he will follow the Group of Five into hell and kill them all. Jp asks Yoon Sung, “Will you still disobey me?” Yoon Sung answers, “Yes.” JP “Even if that means going to war with me?” Yoon Sung “Even if it means something worse than going to war.” Yoon Sung also promised that he was going to protect everyone that he cares about, which includes JP as well. After Yoon Sung leaves with the bald guy, JP asks the ex-officer to find out more about Nana.

In a hospital, Nana is being asked questions about the City Hunter. When the police officer is asking Nana questions she gets a flashback and begins to wonder if the City Hunter is Yoon Sung.

Sehee is at Yoon Sung’s house helping him after the bald guy finds her. Sehee talks about how this is Yoon Sung’s home and Yoon Sung replies, “You are in even more danger now that you know another one of my secrets.” Sehee is actually more thankful that she has been called because Yoon Sung trusts her now.

Before Yoon Sung falls asleep, the bald guy asks Yoon Sung if he likes Nana. Yoon Sung says, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m scared that something might happen to her.” Then he falls asleep and we have our second dream sequence!

Yoon Sung is dreaming of him holding on to Nana again. But he loses his grip!

In the dream, as Nana drops to the ground we even hear the sickening thud. (ECK!)

After Yoon Sung wakes up he is worried, he then goes to see Nana “for the last time.” (Haha we all know this is a lie!) Nana can’t sleep either and she’s on the roof, saying “I miss him, I’m worried.” Yoon Sung arrives and he is worried about her. She is worried about him. The two begin to bicker because they are so worried about each other, then Yoon Sung kisses her.

Time seems to stand still as the two kiss.

Yoon Sung “Don’t be overly confident in your judo skills, be careful of strangers, don’t only take care of your dog, take care of yourself as well. The coffee that you made was always good.” (Talking as if he will leave her.)

She offers to make him a cup. He agrees then disappears.

The next morning Sehee is checking on Yoon Sung, she exclaims, “Wow, you heal fast, I must be a great doctor.” Yoon Sung tells her that the bald guy will take her come. She replies, “You don’t even offer breakfast?” The bald guy appears beckoning Sehee to eat. When Yoon Sung and the bald guy talk about Target Number Three: YJ’s father Kim Jong Shik, Sehee exclaims, “I wonder if the City Hunter knows that YJ is Kim Jong Shik’s son?” (It seems that Sehee already knows that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter.)

JP has also figured this out, and he calls Yoon Sung. Basically they both now believe that Yoon Sung has given over the targets to the Group of Five.

At the Blue House, Nana is getting scolded by her supervisor. He tells her that she is being fired. They just have to wait for the final confirmation.

While leaveing the Blue House Nana sees Yoon Sung and tells her him to stop, but he goes away.

YJ sees Nana as well and asks her about the City Hunter. YJ sees the “Byororo” doll that’s in her stuff. She tells YJ that it’s from Yoon Sung. YJ begins to piece the evidence together, realizing that Yoon Sung has something to do with the City Hunter.

Target Number Two is being taken to the prosecutor’s office for questioning, many people are outside egging him as he walks by.

YJ then begins to interrogate Target Number Two and he confesses to all of his crimes. He asks YJ to be taken to a prison where he can be safe from the City Hunter. During the interrogation, that piece of paper that had all of Target Number Two’s dirty dealings was actually written by Target Number One! YJ then asks about the military tags, and Target Number Two says that he knows nothing.

Ki Joon’s crippled brother is receiving an honorary military service of some kind. During his speech he talks about how he doesn’t regret going to the military despite losing his leg, and also encourages others to go into the military as well. Ki Joon’s brother also thanks the City Hunter.

The president is also at the event and when it’s over, while shaking people’s hands he sees JP? (We don’t know if it was a hallucination.) YJ is at the event as well and asks the President for help by asking for info about the “Wipeout Plan.” The President agrees, but says that he needs to confirm with other government people.

Outside YJ spots Yoon Sung and asks him if he knows anything about “Steve Lee.” Yoon Sung says he doesn’t know anything. However, Yoon Sung is still suspicious.

At the Blue House, we are back to judo training. Nana’s partner is beating up Ki Joon. Ki Joon is complaining that she is acting emotionally. Nana’s partner is angry about what happened to Nana.

Nana’s supervisor tells Yoon Sung that Nana is being fired and will take over Yoon Sung’s training.

Yoon Sung flips the bodyguard supervisor over saying “This is what I learned from Nana.”

Back at the communications office, Ki Joon asks Yoon Sung for a USB and he opens up his drawer, her present is there and Ki Joon asks about it. Yoon Sung doesn’t answer his question.

Yoon Sung gets a call from Nana asking him to go over. He says that he is “busy” but the phone is given to JP. Yoon Sung is shocked and worried, he rushes to Nana’s apartment.

Father and son meet at Nana’s apartment, it’s freaky how much of an actor JP is, he appears genuinely friendly.

JP asks Yoon Sung if he loves her and Yoon Sung denies this. JP a bit worried tells him, you fool I told you not to love anyone. (Baiscally JP is threatening Yoon Sung that something will happen to Nana if Yoon Sung interferes, Yoon Sung decides to move out.

Yoon Sung talks about what happened to the bald guy, also he states that he needs to find dirt on him. The bald guy says that there is dirt and he doesn’t tell Yoon Sung what it is, but that there is dirt. (The car accident with Nana)

Yoon Sung was about to text Nana to bring some coffee, but he stops himself.

Nana is at a coffee shop with Da Hae and Nana’s partner. Nana has taken up this part-time job, both Da Hae and Nana’s partner thinks it’s extremely unfair.

YJ’s office, YJ pieces everything together and figures out that Yoon Sung is probably the City Hunter. They figure out that the cologne smell on that piece of clothing was an expensive shower gel only limited to a few people. Yoon Sung’s name is on the waiting list. YJ is concerned and rushes over to see Sehee.

YJ goes to Sehee then asks about Yoon Sung. YJ figures that Sehee probably helped out Yoon Sung, just like he was helped in the past when he was hurt chasing a criminal. (Oooh, more details about their past relationship.)

YJ looks for any evidence in the trash. However, she hasn’t thrown out any of the evidence. Back in the hospital Yoon Sung was actually there and Yoon Sung is grateful towards Sehee.

The bald guy cleaned out Nana’s apartment of Yoon Sung’s stuff. The bald guy forgot to pack Yoon Sung’s picture of his mother, PMY, JP, and the President. The bald guy had picked up the bottle of “Bachas” that Yoon Sung’s mother had given to Yoon Sung. When the bald guy asks about it, Yoon Sung takes it back saying he’ll drink it later. (Yoon Sung is clinging on to this bottle.)

Nana is grocery shopping thinking to herself “The City Hunter is probably not Yoon Sung.” (She is also beginning to piece together the puzzle pieces.)

Yoon Sung is sleeping on the couch, when Nana arrives at her apartment. Nana tries hiding half of Yoon Sung’s face. Nana is now even more suspicious.

They are eating and Yoon Sung is trying to break up with Nana. He says many harsh words that the kiss sucked, now he’s tired of her, etc. Nana is hurt.

Yoon Sung is outside of the apartment telling himself, “I cannot love, is that my destiny?” Nana is inside of Yoon Sung’s empty room. The two were reminiscing about their “moments” together.

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment they hear the news about Targer Number One being taken to the hospital. Yoon Sung recognizes JP and he rushes to the hospital. YJ also rushes to the hospital after the news, and the two run into each other. 

JP has done it, he killed Target Number One! (DAMN!) The episode ends as father and son are in a stare off!

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