“Lie to Me” is Cold in Korea yet Hot in China?

While the viewer ratings SBS’s “Lie to Me” keeps dropping within Korea, the drama seems to be a big hit in China. It has topped the drama ranking on two of the largest video stream websites in China, Tudou and Youku, for several weeks and the responses from Chinese netizens are hot!

Compared to the disappointing viewer ratings in Korea, Chinese fans seems to appreciate the drama a lot more! Netizens in China left comments on those video websites, “Lie to me is too good! I’m so looking forward to the next episode!” “I keep on watching it over and over again! I wish next Monday would come sooner!” Through the discussion thread and pages of comments, one could see the drama is receiving much love in China.

Production company of “Lie to me” stated, “We are really surprised at the hot response received from China; it certainly gives us more strength to work harder and we would like to thank Chinese fans for the support.”



Source+Pic : chn.chosun.com