TOP Contracts Eye Infection Before "Dazed and Confused" Photoshoot

For the “Dazed and Confused” photoshoot, Kim Joong Man was the photographer who photographed the stellar Big Bang.  Kim worked between three cameras as he filmed the members, who had thought of their own ideas that they wanted to convey all the while fitting in the shoot during their busy Japanese activities.

With just a day before the scheduled photoshoot, TOP ended up contracting an eye infection.  The others continued with the shoot as planned and the guys worked it for the cameras for a total of more than twelve hours!  TOP’s unforeseen difficulty caused the suave and charismatic rapper to have his photos taken separately from the others on another date.  Fortunately for TOP, the infection cleared up in the next few days.  When it was TOP’s turn to be photographed, on the rescheduled appointment, he actually showed up earlier then the anticipated time.

Before beginning, TOP felt sorry and apologized to the editor and asked, “I’m too late, aren’t I?” as he then verified what his objective was to be for the shoot, prior to getting in front of the cameras.

The editor was in charge of selecting the best photos to use in the magazine.  As he was searching the pictures that came out, because of the passion of many people he then mumbled to himself, “Why haven’t you been to ‘Dazed’ yet, until now!”  Definitely TOP and the rest of Big Bang have those amazing qualities, charisma, and characteristics that just look fantastic no matter what they wear.  They just make the photos sing with personality, the guys are true artists through and through.

Taeyang has a serious image, and wanted to portray good as well as bad.  Daesung, who is known to have a very warm personality, wanted to express the opposite, going for coldness.  Seungri wanted to show duality in his photos.  TOP went for an angry chaplain as his image.  And the fashionista himself, leader G-Dragon went out to get himself special contact lenses for specifically for the shoot.

What do you think of the photos you’ve seen?  How about poor TOP recovering from an eye infection to produce amazing results?

Source: DCTOP
Translation: TOPtopia@Tumblr

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