SBS’s "Lie To Me" to be Sold to 8 Nations

The last two episodes of “Lie To Me” will be aired next week. Despite the viewers rating is rather disappointing in Korea, international interests are still high. It was reported earlier that the drama has been receiving hot reaction in China through online video websites, and it seems like Chinese fans are not alone!

SBS announced on the 23rd that the broadcasting rights of the drama has been sold to eight Asian countries, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong as well as some European countries that are also considering it favorably.

“Lie To Me” starring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan is set on a story of two people who meet due to a lie, and fall in love. SBS explained, “Because there are more countries who have revealed their interest in purchasing the rights to air it, there should be more number of countries that purchase it in the future”.

Source: star news