WGM Nichkhun and Victoria’s Fate?

During a recent interview, 2PM’s Nichkhun revealed that he and f(x)’s Victoria will remain as a make-believe married couple on MBC’s “We Got Married,” relieving Khuntoria fans worldwide.

In the past weeks, many fans were worried that the two might “split” because of their busy schedules – both 2PM and f(x) are in the midst of promoting “Hands Up” and “Hot Summer” respectively. Two additional evidences hinted their departure from the show: one was the addition of a newest couple (David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae), and another was Khuntoria’s upcoming wedding photoshoot. In the past, couples usually departed “We Got Married” after their one year anniversary or their wedding photoshoot.

However, Nichkhun calmed fans by saying, “We have no plans to leave the show.” In a different interview he also stated, “I’ve gotten to know a lot more about women through Victoria. I learned what to do, like plan events, when a girl’s mad or frustrated at me.”

He added, “I’ve grown attached to Victoria. She’s become a great friend, and that’s why we were able to film scenes where we’re hugging each other naturally and easily. We’ve been filming ‘We Got Married’ for a year now, but there are still several awkward moments. There are times when I get really embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” teased with wedding photos of Nichkhun and Victoria. The two are seen posing for the famous “spiderman kiss,” where one person kisses the other in an upside down position – made famous by Kristen Dunst and Tobey Maguire.