2PM: “Jay Park and We Went Our Own Separate Ways”

In an interview with local media last week, 2PM gave rather blunt words about the absence of Jay Park in their latest promotions.

When asked about Jay Park’s latest solo album, Junho said, “I think we’re just going our own separate ways now.” Wooyoung continued, “He’s doing the music he wanted to do and it’s the same for us. We have our own ways to go. Now we feel rather nonchalant about his departure, but we hope for the best of him.”

Taecyeon added, “A lot of issues have happened so far but we’ve been able to grow as a team and our friendship has matured as well. We were able to become the 2PM of now by filling out each other’s weaknesses.”

Local media said 2PM’s responses came as a bit of a surprise since Jay Park has once expressed his willingness to meet up with his former group members again. In a previous TV interview with KBS “Weekly Entertainment,” Jay Park said, “I only expressed my apologies to 2PM members through written letters in the past, but this time I wanted to be more direct. I’m finally back on TV and before that I would like to clear up everything…I haven’t met them yet, but I think it would be great to see them again. I miss the 2PM members the most and I hope they feel the same way for me.”

Jay Park, the former leader of 2PM, was released from the group in 2009 for unexplained reasons. At the time, JYPE only said the decision was made because “Jay Park made a serious mistake that could cause grave social concerns.” Following an 18-month hiatus, Jay Park made a successful solo comeback. 2PM likewise returned with their second album on June 20th and their new single “Hands Up” has been a massive hit so far.