[Recap] City Hunter Episode 10

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Wow, I have to say I’m loving this drama more and more! The interactions between the characters and the acting is just awesome! Thinking back it’s amazing how much ground the drama has covered in just 10 episodes. We had mysteries that we knew about and the characters did not, and some mysteries that we didn’t know about either. For example, we finally learn the bald guy and Nana’s connection this time around, also we learn what Target Number Three: YJ’s involvement in all of it was. Now let’s get >

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 10

After father and son face each other off, Yoon Sung chases his father down back at JP’s Headquarters. (Yoon Sung is furious that JP killed two police officers and Target Number One.)

Yoon Sung “Why did you kill the two police officers, they were innocent!” JP “Because that is the way I take care of the targets.” Yoon Sung talks about how he doesn’t like this type of vengeance, that is cyclical. He asks JP if the real reason why he is so set on vengeance is because he feels guilty for surviving. JP retorts, “If you try to stand in my way, you might die in my hands.” Yoon Sung, “I won’t run away, I will stop you because I’m the only who can, I will put my life on the line.”

As Yoon Sung exits, YJ is waiting for him. “So… you don’t know Steve Lee?” (lol) Yoon Sung gives a lie but YJ is still suspicious. 

Back at the prosecutor’s office YJ’s underlings tell him that Yoon Sung’s alibi is perfect. As they check each hotel Yoon Sung went to with a different girl, they notice that it is 3~4 blocks around all of the “City Hunter” incidents.

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment Yoon Sung is relaying everything that has happened to the bald guy. The bald guy is worried and suggests that they just run away.

Nana is at her apartment and she hears the news about Target Number One’s death. She is worried and wondering if the City Hunter (Or Yoon Sung, as she now assumes) actually killed Target Number One.

While checking Yoon Sung’s room, she notices the torn up picture of Yoon Sung’s parents and JP. (I like how the President’s face is cut out still, haha they are really good on these small details.) Nana now knows that the restaurant owner is Yoon Sung’s mother!

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment, the bald guy is playing around with Yoon Sung trying to drink that bottle of “Bacchas” that Yoon Sung isn’t drinking. The bald guy teases him, “It’s from Nana huh?” Yoon Sung doesn’t tell him who its from but he tells the bald guy not to drink it!

Yoon Sung’s mother is at the hospital and she is diagnosed with leukemia. She should stay at the hospital, but she asks to go home and close up her restaurant.

Back at her home, Yoon Sung’s mom is looking at Yoon Sung’s baby clothes. “I was waiting for the moment to meet you, all my life.” (Now she is shocked that, that day might not come and she might pass away.)

Yoon Sung goes to see Nana because the bald guy had picked up her folder about Target Number Three. (YJ’s father) He is going to go return it. Outside of Nana’s cafe he repeats to himself, “This is about Target Number Three.” 

Once he is at the cashier he orders a coffee and asks Nana to speak with him. The customer next to him is complaining and grabs Yoon Sung’s arm. Nana is surprised and tells the customer to be careful! (She doesn’t know what Yoon Sung is capable of, lol!)

Yoon Sung talks to Nana and finds out about Target Number Three. But! He also finds out that Nana has seen the bald guy, and the bald guy is related to the accident!

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment, Yoon Sung demands that the bald guy tell him everything he knows. The bald guy does reluctantly.

Nana’s parents were driving, I guess they were going to give Nana her judo belt. Suddenly a black car is driving on the wrong side of the road and they get into a head-on collision.

The bald guy saw everything, and we also see the familiar scene of Nana crying for her parents.

Now here is the scene we were looking for! Target Number Three talks to the bald guy telling him that he needs to change his witness statement. He threatens the bald guy telling him that he has the power to change around the bald guy’s status and send him to jail. (He was on probation of sorts because of gambling.) The bald guy cries to Yoon Sung saying that he will turn himself in after everything is over. Yoon Sung has no got his “dirt.”

Back at the Blue House, the supervisor tells Nana that she is being reinstated.

Judo practice again! Nana’s partner is once again flirting/making Ki Joon’s life miserable.

Nana and Yoon Sung are also practicing but Nana is hesistant as she believes that Yoon Sung’s arm is hurt. (Because of his shoulder gun-shot wound.)

Yoon Sung floors her coldly saying, “I already learned this.”

Outside of the Blue House, Nana is being very nice to Yoon Sung even making him coffee. She remarks that they were going to say hello to each other. He throws the coffee aside.

“Why are you hitting on me?” Yoon Sung asks and Nana bluntly replies “Because I like You.” KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (@_@) She talks about her feelings. Yoon Sung tries to complain with his signature lines, “You’re not my type..” she finishes his sentence and tells him that he’s not her type either. He’s about to say “Do I need to buy you a mirror?” and she finishes that sentence as well. She goes on about her feelings and eventually Yoon Sung walks away saying “So cheap…” Once he leaves, Nana tells herself that she did a good job, that’s it good to like somebody.

Back at the communications office Yoon Sung looks furious and Ki Joon asks if he got dumped. Ki Joon offers to tutor Yoon Sung about dating, and Yoon Sung coldly reacts. 

The next scene shows Da Hae and Yoon Sung together with Nana tagging behind. They visited a college in order to “motivate” Da Hae. (I guess *shrug*) Yoon Sung’s eyes drift to other college girls.

Once Da Hae sees this she demands that Yoon Sung only look at her. 

Nana, Da Hae, and Yoon Sung are joined by Nana’s partner, they notice that student demonstrations are going on. The students are demonstrating against Target Number Three, demanding that their tuition be cut in half like he promised!

Inside of the college’s convenient store, a college student is giving crap to a worker lady. She calls the lady a loser and tells her to do her job properly. The lady is very upset.

Yoon Sung arrives with his deadly tongue. He remarks, “Whose calling who a loser?” The girl on one hand is demonstrating for tuition cuts but she can’t even throw away her own garbage. Yoon Sung makes fun of her in his own cheeky way and places down a drink, tells her to drink it and throw it away herself. (Ha HAH!)

Yoon Sung is back at his apartment frantically looking for the picture of his mother, father, JP, and the President whose head got chopped off. He can’t find it!

He asks the bald guy, if he had missed anything. (The picture of course!) Then when he sits down to eat, he notices the “Jap Chae” (Remember children, Korean style stir-fry) and it’s made just like the one Nana had made for her when he dumped her. Yoon Sung says that he needs some fresh air and leaves.

Nana is about to eat alone when she gets the call from Yoon Sung for “daerie.” (Remember Daerie is doing something for somebody, usually driving.)

Nana is ecstatic and she passes by a makeup shop. She uses the samples to pretty herself up. But when she meets Yoon Sung, he is with another girl.

In the back seat, Yoon Sung is doing what he’s good at and Nana is furious. She stops the car, pushes the girl into another cab, and starts talking to Yoon Sung. The first thing Yoon Sung says is, “Are you jealous?”

She claims that she is not, because that girl was not even worthy of her. Nana tells Yoon Sung not to act this way, it’s not like she even pressured her into a relationship. Her feelings are her own. Then she gives Yoon Sung’s family picture back to him.

Then Nana walks away…

Back at the prosecutor’s office YJ is trying to devise a way of getting Yoon Sung’s blood. He already knows that the blood from the two seperate “City Hunter incidents” match. He just needs Yoon Sung’s! Of course, there aren’t many legal ways of going about this, so he asks his underling to keep a good watch on Yoon Sung.

Nana goes to see Yoon Sung’s mother, asks her if she really doesn’t have any family. Yoon Sung’s mother replies in the negative then offers to make Dduk Bokki for Nana. Suddenly she faints. Nana is considered and takes her to the hospital. She keeps calling Yoon Sung who ignores at first, but once he hears the news he drives quickly to the hospital. (With YJ’s underling following him.)

At the hospital Nana had told the doctor that Yoon Sung is the son of Yoon Sung’s mother. (Yoon Sung’s mother has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant, Yoon Sung would be the perfect donor!) Yoon Sung’s mother needs it quickly!

At the bench Nana and Yoon Sung are talking. She gets confirmation that Yoon Sung is in fact the son, however Yoon Sung also tells her that she had left him. Nana tells Yoon Sung that he should save her regardless… (Because at least he’ll have a mother around to hate.)

YJ and JP’s underlings are both at the scene. YJ thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get Yoon Sung’s blood, while JP knows that they need to stop this no matter what.

Yoon Sung is still having a hard time swallowing all this information. The bald guy is there to talk to him. Once they get back inside the hospital…

JP was there as well! JP warns Yoon Sung of what might happen if Yoon Sung decides to save his mother, and gives his blood up for testing.

Of course, our hero Yoon Sung is going to go through it regardless. The ex-officer/JP’s underling tries to stop him saying “The leader told you that you can’t go through with it!”

In the basement of the hospital they are going to duke it out!

Yoon Sung basically beats the crap out of the ex-officer again. (JP really needs to upgrade his security!)

Then Yoon Sung beats up the other underlings. (Sigh… upgrade your security JP!)

Right when Yoon Sung is about to get his blood tested, YJ and his underling arrive to take a sample, they just need Yoon Sung’s permission. Yoon Sung can do nothing but give it up. Right afterwards, Yoon Sung chases down YJ who has the blood sample. The underling is stopped by Nana, who asks to talk to YJ about a possible re-investigation into her parents’ accident.

Yoon Sung sneaks into the prosecutor’s office as a dead body.

He succesfuly gets in! (Haha this was pretty neat as well.) While Yoon Sung is looking for his blood, in the blood testing room a lady is fuming that the prosecutors are always asking them for favors when they are so busy. She goes outside in order to give YJ a piece of her mind!

But, when she goes out she’s completely smitten by YJ. (Of course, he’s a pretty good-looking fella 😉

Now the cool action sequence. (That Jet Li did in another movie.) Yoon Sung is going to jump down into the blood testing area to get back his blood!

Haha so cool, I almost drooled.

In the final comments you’ll get to see the clip where Jet Li does this.

Ahh finally we’re here! Yoon Sung is in the room and switches his blood sample!

However, YJ who is like a watchdog sniffs that something fishy is going on when he notices an open window. He goes downstairs looking for “the City Hunter.” I cringed when I watched the two almost run into each other.

Right when Yoon Sung is about to get caught an arm grabs him! Yoon Sung takes out a knife around his chest and twirls around the helper! It’s Nana! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Comments

This drama was even more intense than its predecessors. This time I’ll refrain from writing about the drama, and focus more on my analysis. But before I jump into that here’s the scene I was talking about!

Yoon Sung jumping/climbing down the building was done in a movie in 2003. Jet Li and DMX’s Cradle to the Grave.

If you don’t believe me check it out yourself: (Fast forward to 38 seconds)




Some more (hopefully fun) parallels for you!

Daddy Long Legs

I was meaning to before but I never wrote it about it because of other ideas coming up, but YJ is playing the role of Daddy Long-Legs in the drama. Of course he doesn’t give any aid (or we don’t even know if he did) but he continues to write her letters. We still haven’t figured out whether or not YJ knows about the car accident involving his father and the connection with Nana, but it was hinted before on the drama that he probably knows something.

For reference: Daddy Long Legs is about a young girl named “Jerusha Judy Abbot” in her college years. She has a mystery benefactor who she writes to monthly. Of course this theme has been played around with a lot, and there was a Korean film in 2005 a lot more complicated but basically a “daddy long legs” is some sort of benefactor.

As I stipulated above, YJ’s identity as “Daddy Long Legs” is something that Nana probably will figure out soon once everyone becomes entangled with Target Number Three: YJ’s father.


Les Miserables

I’m not sure how personal these recaps should get, but my favorite all-time novel is Les Miserables. I couldn’t help but make connections between this novel and City Hunter whenever I see YJ chasing after Yoon Sung. The novel is epic and written by Victor Hugo, it follows the lives and interactions of several French characters. However, where I find a similarity is Jean Valjean – Javert, and Yoon Sung – YJ.

On the surface the similarities are obvious, both Yoon Sung and Jean Valjean are being chased etc. But once I started to think about it more I realized there were actually more similarities! Jean Valjean like Yoon Sung is more stronger than your average man. Also, Jean Valjean turns his life around becoming a good man. (He is originally a an ex-convict and as we all know Yoon Sung is the drug lord JP’s son, lol.)

Anywho I thought of Les Miserables because of Javert. He is the fanatic police inspector chasing Jean Valjean but for him, the law is just and moral. However, towards the end of the novel he actually ends up allowing Jean Valjean to escape and is caught in an impossible situation. He knows that the lawful action he must take is actually immoral. (Jean Valjean had the chance to kill Javert but he let him escape even though Javert knew where Jean Valjean lived.) Javert ends up commiting suicide. Hopefully that won’t happen to our YJ, but in many ways the two characters are similar!  


Now the man behind Spiderman, Peter Parker, is very smart. (So is our Yoon Sung!) But being intelligent seems to be the norm for most heroes these days. The reason I was reminded of the Spiderman movie was because of two specific scenes.

At the end of Spiderman 1, Mary Jane confesses her love to Peter Parker. They share a passionate kiss. However Peter Parker stops himself, and we hear his thoughts ‘All I wanted was to tell her how much I loved her.’ He says “I can’t… tell you everything I mean.. there is so much to tell. I want you to know that I will always be there for you, I will always be there to take care of you, I promise you that. I will always be your friend.”

He says this in order to keep Mary Jane safe. (Of course, after the kiss she realizes that Peter Parker is actually Spiderman.)

Very similar huh? At the end of Episode 9, Yoon Sung realizes he must push Nana away to keep her safe. But Nana is already starting to think that Yoon Sung = The City Hunter.

Now Peter Parker reneges on his stance of staying away from Mary Jane in order to protect her in Spiderman 2. At the end of Spiderman 2, Mary Jane does not appear for her wedding. Instead she rushes off to Peter Parker. 

Mary Jane knows that Peter is worried that it won’t be safe but she is willing to face all the risks with him. Peter thanks Mary Jane then kisses her. But they hear police sirens he looks at her, she looks back and says “Go Get’em Tiger.” For me, the moment Nana saved Yoon Sung from being caught by YJ was that “Go Get’em Tiger” moment.

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