JYP Tweets the Meaning Behind 2PM’s "Hands Up"

2PM has officially returned to the K-Pop scene with their comeback performance on KBS Music Bank. The six member band has been through a lot over the past couple of years. They have soared to the very top of the charts all over Asia, toured the world, and coped with the withdrawal of one of their members. What does 2PM feel like doing after overcoming obstacles and working hard to achieve their dreams? Partying! On June 24th, their boss and company CEO, JYP, tweeted the true meaning behind the group’s newest song “Hands Up”.

JYP: “I made Hands up because we were finally ready to party. Thank u Hottest for standing by 2PM’s saddest days.”

Well Hottests, are you getting your party on with 2PM? You have been there for them through thick and thin and now is the time to kick back, relax, and put your “Hands Up”!

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Credits: @followjyp, @JYPEOFFCIAL and Naver Music