2PM’s "Electricity" Rehearsal Video Makes Its Way Online

Within the past few days a practice video of 2PM had been released to the public. The video shows the 2PM members (minus Wooyoung filling in for him is the choreographer) rehearsing to their tune “Electricity” off of their latest album “Hands Up.” It is unsure if the group will perform and promote this track as well (as for now they are not scheduled to) and if this indeed is the actual choreography used for the song. Whatever it may be it is still a great video to watch as they execute their ‘electrifyingly’ perfect dance moves. Yet it is quite curious since the fellas seem to be sporting hairstyles from around the time of their “Heartbeat” promotion. It appears that they might have rehearsed this song while it was still in its demo stages as the possible title track at the time. We shall see what becomes of this song and choreography in the not too distant future.

You can see the video here.

Source: 2PM News