Kim Heechul Tweets that JYPE Is Still in His Heart

Universal star Kim Heechul of Super Junior recently tweeted that JYPE still remains as his company of choice in his heart. Heechul first dropped the bomb on May 31st when he revealed the agency in his heart was JYPE. It looks like that sentiment remains the same on what Heechul calls a “bitter” night.

Along with a casual photo with JYP himself, Heechul wrote, “Three of us guys came to drink, but roses…candles…this is bittersweet. With the agency of my heart’s JYP….although there’s somebody else in my heart, I keep getting tangled with Jin Young hyung.”

As I’m sure many of you noticed, Heechul also noted that there’s “somebody else” in his heart? Might he be hinting at a lady friend?

Kim Heechul recently made a unique comeback to the K-Pop scene with fellow labelmate Jungmo of TRAX as M&D with their debut song “Close Ur Mouth.” He also reaffirmed how multi-talented he is by directing, casting, and starring in the music video.

Source: @Heedictator