Miss A on Upcoming Album and International Dreams
Who is one year old in July and stealing hearts where ever they go? Well, despite their lyrics, we certainly do know them, and Miss A are preparing wholeheartedly to return to the spotlight. They have an album recorded, they’re hungry to return, and they are planning international domination for 2012.
About the album they said,
“Right now, the album is scheduled for release around July or August.  We’ve completed the recording but are still preparing the choreography. Once we fill that last 2%, there’s nothing that can stop us. Since we’re rookies, we plan to focus on Korea first. We are receiving a lot of love calls internationally, but we want to set up a strong foundation in Korea this year before we advance overseas. You have to have strong roots in order to grow tall, so we hope that this album becomes our roots.”
This shows that despite their ages, they are certainly aware of how to tread carefully. They are treading carefully so when they try an international push they will have the appropriate amount of preparation. They may have won a Rookie award last year but the girls are planning a complete domination with eyes on the Triple crown.
“Our album promotions and the JYP Nation concert in Japan are our immediate ‘assignments’. Our goal for the year is to win a triple crown on music programs. There are so many artists these days, it’s hard to win that title. We only won for a week last time, so we hope to achieve it this year.”
Ambitious for sure, but with the fast growing popularity of the girls, helped with appearances such as Suzy in Dream High, this is not an impossible goal. But even more ambitious is their wish to become big stars in China, which will be the focus of their international push. The trend right now for Korean groups is to go international to Japan but due to Miss A having two Chinese members, Fei and Jia, China would make more sense. They are aware though of how much work it will be due to the restriction on Facebook and YouTube in China, they will have to rely on many in person appearances, which will be very hard work, but they are ready.
To put it in perspective of their popularity, Jia said,
“My family just thinks of me as a daughter. They don’t see me as a celebrity. Miss A isn’t that popular with the Chinese yet. Although we’ve done a CF, they weren’t able to recognize us. It means we have to work that much harder.”
But, first comes Korea, and their aim for the triple crown suggests that they have gone up a gear and plan to return with strength. Amidst the strong roster of groups promoting and planning material, will Miss A be able to dominate all shows? Time will tell but something tells me that Miss A are confident.
News Source: Miss A News
Picture Source: Daily Focus
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