Clips of Girls Day in the Dungeon Fighter Video Game!

Idols are known for their bright and shining voices that bring light into our life, but 99% of the time it is through their wonderful singing, but sometimes their vocals are used for something a little different. Idols host TV shows, radio shows, and either do voice overs for movies, but Girls Day have taken a slightly different route by lending their voices to a video game!

SNSD have promoted the game before with a hilarious video, check it out:

Hero Taeyeon!

Girls Day’s voices however are emedded into the game play which is both adorable and very exciting for their fans. Not only can you hear them while playing but it also seems that the Girls Day “title” gives you a stats boost! Check out the clips below.

Now we just need T.O.P to narrate an audio book or movie……

Source: Somefool200 on YouTube