2PM’s Nichkhun Finally Met His Doppelganger Mason Moon

Hottests started buzzing with excitement upon hearing of 2PM’s return to reality television. After the epic “Wild Bunny” and “Idol Army,” fans have been asking for more 2PM.

The boys will be returning with their very own show called the “2PM Show” on SBS E!TV and SBS Plus during the first week of July. “2PM Show” will be self-run by the members, and the members will compete with each other with the weekly challenges. Director Heo of SBS Plus stated, “2PM will run the show on their own. The first challenge is ‘Be a good dad.’ 2PM will split into two groups and have a cooking challenege.”


The first episode was recorded on the 16th, and Nichkhun‘s doppelganger Mason Moon and his brother made appearances at the first recording. The members then acted as the Moon brothers’ fathers. Parents at the scene will observed the members and ultimately chose the best father.

There are plans for singing challenges, dancing challenges, strength challenges, and more. Director Heo stated, “2PM is multi-talented. They said themselves that through this show, they would properly demonstrate their variety of talents.”

Source: Naver