Tickets for After School’s First Japan Showcase Sold Out in One Minute

After School will hold its first live showcase at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on July 17th, it is reported the tickets were sold out within one minute!

Only 3,000 tickets were available due to the capacity of the location; however, more than 50,000 people fought for the tickets, the result of this fierce competition is that the tickets were all out in just one minute. The girls are garnering much interest in Japan for their collaboration with famous J-Pop singer Namie Amuro; being the only K-Pop group participated in Namie Amuro’s “Checkmate!” album, making more Japanese curious about this group for certain. What’s more, the drama “You Are Beautiful” featuring member UEE has been receiving explosive popularity in Japan as well.

Their performance on the event of “Tokyo Girls Collection by 2011 Summer/Spring” at Yoyogi National Gymnasium earlier this March further made them a hot issue among K-Pop fans in Japan.

Afterschool is set to debut in Japan with their first Japanese single “Bang!”; the much anticipating debut single will be released on August 17th. The girls are ready to take over Japan with a “Bang” for sure.

Source: Barks