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Hello Soompiers!  We’ve reached the one-week marking point since the beginning of the Soompi Fanfiction Marathon.  As of right now, we have 39 stories written for our total goal of 500, with Team 1 in the lead with 18 stories.  We wanted to recognize these writers for their submissions and motivate other participants to join us in the fun!  Good job, writers Miss Bouakham, Kallen_Langely, -inniie, Yui., pa_houa94, HanaSaranghae3528, and rintard!

This week’s prompt was to write a “music video” for your favorite song.  Check out these one-shots submitted by the Team 1 writers:

Miss Bouakham
“Don’t Forget Me” – Fly to the Sky

“Oppa, why do people exist?”

It was times like those that I wish I held the key to the world. Staring into her eyes, so innocent, so curious, so sad, I wish I could give her all the answers.

Heaving a deep sigh, she leaned against the tree trunk behind her. Her straw hat covered half of her face. But even in the shadow, I knew how her eyes would be. The hazel brown of her iris always turned a shade lighter when she was wistful. Or sad. Almost intuitively, she buried one of her hands in my hair, her fingers massaging the back of my scalp. “Why are we even born, to only be given twenty-five meager years of life, and then to perish?”  Click here to read more!

I Don’t Know – Infinite

The thought persisted in the back of her head, regardless of how hard EunMi tried to dismiss it. The growing suspicions were like weeds in a garden–relentless, perpetual, unsettling.’It can’t be true,’ EunMi thought to herself, ‘It just can’t be true.’

She and ChangMin had been dating for over eleven months now, and in two days, it would be a year. So it couldn’t be true. EunMi repeated this in her head countless times, but she was still worried. She still thought about it. She was trying not to believe it.

ChangMin was cheating on her.  Click here to read more (scroll to the middle of post)

Boyfriend – Boyfriend

He stared at her door, hands shaking. ‘Its no big deal’ a little voice in his head told him. ‘You’re just going to risk rejection and awkwardness for the rest of your life by asking her to be your girlfriend’.

He peered into the small window to the left. No movement. Either she was in the kitchen or out of the house.

‘She’s not home!’ Youngmin waved his hands in front of his face.

‘Aish’ Minwoo pushed past him and knocked three times on the door, then stepped back, pushing Youngmin forewards. he heard the door open. I’m screwed.  Click here to read more!

w-inds. – Superlover

“Hi baby. Don’t you know me?”

I need a superlover, tonight.

Tachibana Keita leaned forward to a cute girl with doll-like features. She hand straight-front cut bangs and straight black hair that went past her shoulders. Her eyes were round and big. She was starting to feel heat rush up to her cheeks as she leaned back against the wall, leaving no more room for her to back off.

Keita grinned.  Click to read more!

Love in the Ice – DBSK

She stumbled to her end. The pain lurked deep into her bones and limbs. She couldn’t feel anything. Everything was empty, and the silence filled up the rest of her mind. She let out a couple of breaths and struggled to hold onto the light pole that kept her standing.
It was dark now. The stars brightly did their jobs, showing the light for the dark helpless Earth below. The beautiful moon was set deep into the sky’s eternity, as her lifeless legs were into the ground. It took a moment for her breathing to return to normalcy, and when it did, she realized the dark stains all over her body. Blood and bruises.
Even the beautiful cold night had a flaw.  Click to read more!

A Letter to You – Mc Mong

To my first,

I’ll be quite honest, I really have no idea which direction this letter will go in and how many decades will pass before it finally lands in those small hands of yours. And I’ll openly admit that writing isn’t my specialty… along with expressing my feelings for you. That might explain why our story ended the way it did. And after all the thinking I’ve done, I can’t really place the blame on neither of us. We were young, naïve, and completely out of control of our lives like the eighteen year olds that we were. The following are words that failed to reach you since our very first encounter. Sitting here on the white couch we bought together, I’m scribbling down a letter to you.  Click to read more!

혼 (Hon/Soul) – Epik High

I coughed.

I coughed again. I propped myself with my elbows from the floor and wiped the blood dripping from the corner of my chin.

“Get up.” I heard my mind faintly echo.

I coughed once more.

“GET UP.” The voice grew louder from my mind.  Click here to read more!

Visit our discussion thread and drop a line!  This week we’ve posted 131 prologues from various fanfictions posted on Soompi throughout the years for participants to guess the writer and story title in this thread to see how many stories you remember reading. (How well do you know your favorite stories?)  Submissions for this activity end Sunday, June 26, 11:59 PDT.

If any of these activities sound interesting to you, more details are on our marathon announcement thread; deadline for sign ups are Thursday June 30, 11:59 PM PDT.  Hope to see you there!

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