LEDApple Postpones Promotions Until July

LEDApple recently announced that they will be postponing their promotions until July due to member Kyumin‘s involvement in a car accident.

LEDApple’s leader Choi Jaehoon tweeted around 2:00PM of the 26th saying, “Because Kyumin was a bit injured in a car accident, I think we’re going to participate in music programs next month.” He added, “He’s practicing bit by bit while having physical therapy…I’m sorry for not going back on the stage quickly.”

LEDApple consists of Jaehoon, Kyumin, Youngjoon, Kwang Yeon, and Hyosuk, with an average age of 20.4. The group was formed through a Japanese survival show. LEDApple released their mini album and music video for “Who Do You Think You Are” on the 16th.

Also, Lee Chihoon, who is currently participating on ComedyTV “Ulzzang Generation 5,” was recently revealed to have withdrawn from the group due to differences in musical taste.

Source: Paran