SNSD at the MTV VMAJ: Why Were They Not Shown on the Red Carpet?

On June 25th, one of Kpop’s top exports, SNSD attended the MTV VMAJ (Video Music Aid Japan). It was a big honor for the girls as they were able to attend with other world known acts such as Tokio Hotel and Lady Gaga! This amazing honor was not lost upon the girls who looked absolutely amazing in collective pinka and black ensembles that they looked beautiful in. But, to the dismay of SONEs, when the red carpet section was shown, there seemed to be a lack of SNSD. It turns out that Coca Cola are the main sponsors of the event and that did not mix well with the girls being big endorsers of Lipton Tea.

So, because of this, everything you see of them from the event is from fans and the media, which seems a bit unfair. I know that idols in Korea are big product endorsers, much more than stars in somewhere like America, but to cut their air time because of that? Well, despite this, the girls went on to rock the stage, performing “The Great Escape” and “Mr Taxi,” from their first Japanese album.

Check out some photos and their performance below.

Thoughts on their outfits and their performance?

Source: mygirlsgeneration on blogspot

Video source: TheSoneSource24 on Youtube