F.T. Island Lee Hong Ki Talks about Dating Girlfriend 8 Years Older

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki came on MBC “World Changing Quiz” on June 25th and revealed stories of dating a girlfriend eight years older than him. He was first asked about the benefits of dating a girlfriend older than him. “They make you feel so comfortable. When we met, to make me feel less pressure, she would pay for the meals. She would come and pick me up, and take me home too. When I lost my MP3 player, she bought a new one for me the next day,” he said.

But aside from the mental stability and material comfort, Lee Hong Ki said there are also negative sides to dating an older woman. “I felt like I matured too quickly when I was only 20, after dating someone eight years older than me. The longer we dated, the more I felt like I wanted to date someone in my age,” he said.

Fellow F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon also confessed he used to date someone six years older than him, saying, “It was tough to date someone older. The desire to date someone of my age just continued to grow.”

F.T. Island returned to Korea in May with their new mini-album, “Return.” After nearly a month of promotions, the group wrapped up all promotions for their latest single “Hello Hello.” The group will embark on a Japanese Tour from June 29th in Nagoya.