Songs Impossible to Listen to With a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop: Batch #1

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Welcome to a new segment on Soompi called, “Songs Impossible to Listen to With a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” (Yes, it’s really called that.) In this segment, Soompi hopes to go outside of the regular K-Pop box for a little bit of fun.

Let me start off by saying that I’ve been an avid K-Pop fan since 2000. I’ve seen boy groups evolve from prepubescent boys to “we’re ripped.”  I’ve seen girl groups go from “we’re cute” to “we have the most amazing legs in the entire world; let me show you.”  And I’ve seen all K-Pop groups rapidly run toward “Dear god, how am I going to remember all their names?” 

I live and breathe K-Pop, and I can never get enough of it. I love the songs, the performances, the outfits, the choreography, the engrish, the pairings, the variety shows, the intra-company drama, the inter-company drama, the scandals, the rumors, and the incessantly critical netizens. Yes, even the netizens.


Thanks to K-Pop, though, there are a large handful of songs that will never sound the same in my head ever again. Here are the first three of many to come!

1. “Single Ladies” by Beyonce

I’ve heard and/or listened to this song more times than I’d ever get myself to admit, but 2PM’s Wooyoung engraved quite a scene in my mind in relation to this song, and I just can’t hear this song without picturing his face anymore. I’m almost completely convinced that 2PM’s newest song “Hands Up” was solely Wooyoung’s idea. (Bonus: Nichkhun’s dance cut)

YT Cr domiawji

2. “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5
is one of my favorite non-K-Pop groups, and “Sunday Morning” is probably one of their most famous songs. If my Soompi username didn’t give it away, I’m a Jung Yong Hwa fan, and a CNBLUE fan by default. I utterly adore the Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional members.

Any CNBLUE fan would know this, but Burning Jonghyun likes Maroon 5 a lot, and likes to perform “Sunday Morning” at any music program that’ll give him the prerogative to choose songs. Although Jonghyun has a truly gifted voice, his English isn’t the best. I usually don’t mind this, but after he told me to “come and let you bone with me,” “Sunday Morning” never sounded the same. But I still adore him. Promise. (He says this around 0:51.)

YT Cr CrazyCarrotExtra

3. “Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder

No need for a long introduction here; you just can’t go wrong with Stevie Wonder. But thanks to MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (who happens to be a self-declared Shinhwa Changjo, which I love), those three words just don’t sound the same anymore. “Lee Joon Shi lovely~ Lee Joon Shi Wonderful~”

YT Cr kingdevilrockstar

All three guys, though, are unbelievably talented and gifted, and K-Pop is lucky to have guys like them shining brighter and brighter every day. Below I have three clips of Wooyoung, Lee Jong Hyun, and Lee Joon, doing what they do best. Just in case you forgot how awesome they normally are, that is.

1. Wooyoung: “Hands Up” by 2PM

YT Cr CrazyCarrot270

2. Lee Jonghyun: “Love in the rain” by CNBLUE

YT Cr erikatakeru90

3. Lee Joon: “Stay”by MBLAQ

YT Cr BIGBANGgirl1994

So there you have the first batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to With a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” Comment below, and let me know what you guys think. Whether you hate it or love it, agree or disagree, leave your two cents!  Also, feel free to write suggestions for the next batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to With a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.”

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