Park Bom’s "Watermelon Diet" and Sandara’s "Vegeta" Hair

Park Bom of 2NE1 recently stated that she successfully lost weight through the watermelon diet.

During an interview on SBS “Inkigayo’s” summer special on the 26th, when asked if she had a secret to her doll-like body, Bom responded, “My secret is that I eat more watermelon than I eat rice,” and revealed her watermelon diet. Curious as to figure out what this new diet is, netizens started searching “watermelon diet” online, so much so that for a while, it rose to the most-searched item.

was also noted for her unique hairstyle that seemed to resemble the hairstyle of Akira Toriyama‘s character Vegeta from “Dragon Ball Z.”

2NE1 recently made an epic comeback with “I’m the best,” sweeping music charts to hail the all-kill title. The music video has yet to be released, and Soompi will report to you as soon as we can!

Source: Naver