[UPDATED] Aziatix Flowsik Charged With Aggravated Assault

Rapper Flowsik of Aziatix was charged without detention for assaulting two men at a local club earlier today. According to Seoul Police and an official from Aziatix, Flowsik was involved in a fight with two other men who accidentally bumped into his shoulder at a club located in the downtown Seoul area. The police immediately came to the site and questioned both parties, before discharging them this morning.

Comprised of Eddie Shin, Flowsik, and Nicky Lee, Aziatix is a rookie group produced by Jae Chong, the former member of 90s pop band Solid. Their debut track “Go” has received more than 200,000 hits on YouTube in the first month of its release in March, becoming the most subscribed music video of the month. Their first album “Aziatix” was an instant hit on iTunes as it climbed up to #5 on the iTunes chart as well.

**[UPDATE] It was reported that this incident was in fact just a minor issue, as no one suffered any injuries nor got charged for any offenses. They were merely questioned and released shortly.