Ha Ji Won Now a Licensed Scuba Diver

Ha Ji Won has earned her scuba diving license! What could possibly stop her from achieving something that she has set her mind on?!

Due to the many water scenes in “Sector 7“, Ha Ji Won underwent swimming and scuba diving training last year. In Saipan, one of the best diving sites in the world, Ha Ji Won ventured into the Blue Hole, Shark Saipan, shipwrecks, B29 diving point, and the Pipeline to obtain the scuba diving license. Personally coached by instructor Lee Jae Hoon, member of Cool, Ha Ji Won successfully completed the theory and water tests to receive her certification.

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A staff who was also involved in training Ha Ji Won said, “A diver must learn the unique breathing technique and overcome the fear for deep waters, training is not easy, but with Ha Ji Won’s perserverance, surprising everyone when she mastered the techniques in a very short time. Her fearless spirit of taking on challenges, humble attitude, positive thinking and enthusiastic devotion is amazing.

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It is reported that, after obtaining her diving license, Ha Ji Won’s performance was on par with that of a diving coach. During filming in the waters, she was steady and graceful, winning praises from the crew and diving experts.

Full of tenacity, Ha Ji Won undergoes harsh training for 8 hours everyday. From hanging on wire to swimming and diving, nothing daunts her. Ha Ji Won is certainly on the rise to becoming Korea’s best action actress.

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Section 7 is Korea’s first 3D movie and will be released in August.

Source: Chosun