Wonder Girls Win Highest Selling Foreign Group Award in China

Wonder Girls were named the highest selling foreign group at the “China Mobile Miguhui Awards 2011” held on June 24th, JYP Entertainment said in a statement today. The five member girl group walked the red carpet and gave live performances of “Nobody” in Korean and “2 Different Tears” in Chinese, as they celebrated the award given to the top selling foreign artist in mobile downloads every year.

“Amidst the growing popularity of K-Pop globally, Hallyu in Asia is just gaining more momentum. To win this award in Asia’s leading market China means something special and is that much more significant. We’d like to once again say thank you to our fans home and abroad for always showing support to the Wonder Girls,” JYPE said in a statement.

China Mobile is the largest mobile company in China with more than 584 million registered users as of 2010. The annual “China Mobile Miguhui Awards,” sponsored by China Mobile, is one of the largest music awards in China, which recognizes artists with the highest sales in mobile download.