SS501’s Kim Kyu-jong Steps Down From The Throne

His royal K-poppness is giving up his crown! On June 23rd, SS501’s Kim Kyu-jong completed his final “Goong” stage performance in Japan as Prince Shin. The sold out and highly successful run was an amazing stage acting debut for the boy band member. While his other group members [ Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng,and Kim Hyun-joong] proceeded with solo albums and tours, Kyu-jong took a different route and he is glad he did! His co-workers and agency tweeted their gratitiude for the singer’s hard work and fans support.

Fellow Goong actor, Jang You Jun, tweeted the image below and stated the following:

“Kim Kyu-jong, Thank you for all your hard work over the past month”

B2M Entertainment tweeted: “The musicial that will last forever, Goong, is coming to a close. We want to thank everyone who supported Kim Kyu Jong’s new job venture over the past month. We also want to thank Kyu Jong for all of his hard work. He gave us a marvelous image of a true prince.”

Credits: @JJangNew and @b2ment