KARA’s Nicole to Start Cookie Business "KUKI SIX"

It was announced on the 27th by KH company that KARA‘s Nicole will be entering the cookie business. Nicole will be collaborating with cafe brand “Mango Six” to create “KUKI SIX.”

Nicole stated, “When I didn’t have anything in my schedule, I would bake cookies and gift them to people. Many people seemed to like them and asked me to make them more. I think this opportunity came about because I kept baking cookies for people who liked them,” and explained her reasons for starting a cookie business.

Nicole came to work with Mango Six because she personally knew, Kang Hoon, Mango Six’s CEO, who offered her the opportunity.

Representatives of Kuki Six stated that six cookies including Chocolate, Coconut, and Choco Brownie, will be sold at Mango Six locations starting July 5th. There are also plans to export the cookies to different countries, including Japan.

Source: Paran